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Storytelling ring The Rocks That Sing

Damesring De Rotsen Die Zingen

Asiniig Nagamowag rose gold ring 436 def

Ring product information

Title: Asiniig Negamowaad (The Rocks That Sing)

Type: Handmade ladies' designer storytelling ring
Materials: 14K rose gold
Width:  0.669 in - 0.236 in ( 17 mm - 6 mm)
Thickness: ca. 0.0787 in (2 mm)
Price from: 1,820.00 USD* / 2,500.00 CAD* / 2.000,00 EUR**

N.B.: This rings can also be made in yellow gold, white gold, and silver. Ask the jeweler for prices.

> See my art blog to read more about the story of these rings.

*When ordering or requesting a price quote please mention your ring size and the title or item# of the ring. See further down for ring sizing recommendations.

*Prices are indicative and depend on the current gold price, ring sizes, and the current EUR/DOLLAR exchange rates. Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates and 5.9% additional PayPal money transfer and/or credit card fees excluded. Please note that payment through WISE​ is free of extra charges.


**Prices are indicative and depend on the ring sizes and the current gold price. Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.

Ring sizing information

When ordering, make sure to mention the exact size(s) of the ring of your choice.

Please note that professional sizing methods are more reliable and accurate than online or at-home methods. Professional sizing can be done at a local, reputable jeweler.

It is important to take into account the width of your band as wider bands typically require a larger size to fit comfortably. It is therefore always best to be sized with a ring sizer (a jeweler's wedding band gauge) of the same width as that of the ring you intend to purchase.

Please note that in case the ring size or sizes relayed by the customer to the jeweler turn(s) out to be inaccurate or no longer up-todate on delivery, all costs for resizing the ring(s) or making new ring(s) will be entirely for the customer's account.

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