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Bolo tie Gift from the Great Sea Turtle

Bolo tie Geschenk van het Grote Zeeschildpad


MISHI-MAKINAAK OMIIGIWEWIN (‘Gift From The Great Turtle’). Bolo tie with a  sterling silver slide featuring an oval Kingman turquoise stone. Black braided leather cord with flat neckpiece and sterling silver cord ornaments and tips.

*When ordering or requesting a price quote please mention the title or item# of the jewelry. 

Product information 

Title: Mishi-makinaak Omiigiwewin (Gift from the Great Sea Turtle)

Type: Bolo tie constructed with the aid of Dineh (Navajo)-style, hand-fabricated stamps
Materials: sterling silver, black leather
Sizes: 2,0472 x 3,1496 inch (52 x 80 mm) sterling silver slide
Price: 1,380.00 CAD* / 1,060.00 USD*/ 950,00 EUR **    
Item number: ZHAAWANART-BT-1

*Prices are indicative and depend on the current silver and turquoise prices and the current EUR/DOLLAR exchange rates. Shipping costs included, US and Canadian tax rates and 5.9% additional money transfer and/or credit card fees excluded.


**Prices are indicative and depend on the current silver and turquoise prices. Shipping costs excluded, Dutch BTW included.


N.B.1: Prices exclude 5.9% additional money transfer and/or credit card fees. International bank-to-bank transfers are free of charge.


N.B.2: Persons holding a Canadian First Nations status card and living and working on their reserve are generally tax exempt


The Turtle Mikinaak, Giver of Life

Although the massive quality and simplicity of the handstamped design of this silver-and-stone bolo tie is reminiscent of classic Dineh (Navajo) silverwork, its theme directly relates to Anishinaabe worldview. The bolo tells the story of Mikinaak (the Great Snapping Turtle), or Mishiikenh (the Mud Turtle), and what the turtle means to the Anishinaabeg Peoples of Turtle Island (North America).

Mikinaak (also called Makinaak in some parts of Anishinaabe Aki) who to our Peoples embodies Aki, the Earth, is forever linked to the creation of Aki, and to the birth of the world as we know it. This creation came with true understanding of how we humans need to live in harmony...

Visit the art blog to read more about the bolo tie and its symbolical meaning (link will soon be active).

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